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KARPATHOS - Greece Home Page

-- (Score 88, Size 3K)
Karpathos Home Page . Introduction . Karpathos island is located between the two well know Greek islands of Rhodes and Crete, with a history dating back to the Minoan era and Mycenean tombs and settlements going back to the second ... (See also Similar Pages)


-- (Score 72, Size 1K)
KOS . (Area: 290, population: 21.334, distance from Piraeus: 192 n.m., length of coastline: 112.2 km). . The third largest island in the Dodecanese, after Rhodes and Karpathos, Kos lies between Kalimnos and Nissiros. It is mainly flat ... (See also Similar Pages)

Stefan Hynst's Homepage

-- (Score 71, Size 3K)
Stefan HYNST . ALOHA! . Don't surf too much on the network . because soon you will see . that its is more fun and less work . to wind-surf on the open sea! . Karpathos / Greece in August 1991 . This is the first experimental version ... (See also Similar Pages)

Nerd World : EUROPE

-- (Score 67, Size 10K)
EUROPE BY NERD WORLD MEDIA(SM) . What is Nerd World . Top of Index . Submit Link . SPOT Launcher for Windows . Report an Error News from USA Today : [Nationline] [World] [Moneyline] [Sportsline] [Lifeline] [People] . Nerd World Media ... (See also Similar Pages)

Hellenic Realty

-- (Score 65, Size 3K)
offers villas, stone built houses in traditional villages, plots, development land, small hotel units, investment properties. We cover particularly the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese. . Our current selection is ... (See also Similar Pages)


-- (Score 64, Size 3K)
Siros is the most heavily inhabited island in Cyclades and is 79 nautical miles from Piraeus.The main city of Siros is Ermoupolis. A city with traditional houses, squares and big churches.The harbor there was the first commercial harbor of ... (See also Similar Pages)


-- (Score 64, Size 6K)
A monotonous grey landscape of rock, broken up here and there by a gleaming white chapel, is the first impression made on visitors as the ferry draws into the harbour. . But this gives them no idea of the beauty-spots waiting to be ... (See also Similar Pages)

Maps of regions of Greece

-- (Score 64, Size 3K)
Maps of Greece . Index (counting is done Left->Right, Top->Bottom) . Northwest Greece Ipiros, NW Macedonia, Corfu. . North Central Greece Central Macedonia, Halkidiki, Thessaloniki (Salonica). . Nort East Greece Thrace, Thassos, ... (See also Similar Pages)


-- (Score 64, Size 5K)
About Crete . Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. It has an area of 8,300 sq. km, a coastline of 1,040 km, and a population of 500,000. . 3000 BC. The Egyptians where trading all their goods ... (See also Similar Pages)

Greece. Chosen by Gods

-- (Score 63, Size 5K)
A few words about Greece . The world' s oldest civilizations were born on the banks of a great river but European civilizations grew up thanks to the sea, the Greek sea which the Romans so jealously named Mare Nostrum. Having the sea on three ... (See also Similar Pages)

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